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Dieting, Detox and Willpower – and why I’m done with it all

Diet Freedom

It’s spring (hooray!) and that means my inbox, facebook, pinterest and twitter feeds are littered with talk of detoxes, cleanses and dropping the winter weight.  In the past, I may have thought about trying one out, but this year — I’m done.

The idea of a detox doesn’t appeal to me anymore.  I’ve tried them — a few different ones, sometimes multiple times — because I thought I could benefit from them.  But now my mind automatically rejects the restrictiveness.  I don’t want to replace the foods I love with foods I don’t feel like eating (or drinks I don’t feel like drinking).

I always prided myself on my willpower.  If there was a cookie in front of me and I was on an “I’m not eating cookies” diet, I could easily resist the cookie.  The problem was when I stopped eating more than just cookies.

It started slowly, I would just cut out what I deemed “unhealthy.”  I never liked soda, so that was always out.  I stopped using Continue reading

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