Sleep Study — Part 1

Isn’t it creepy if someone watches you sleep?

Not tonight!  My heart rate, brain waves, REM and more will be monitored in a sleep study.

I’ve never really had an issue falling asleep or staying asleep but I’m a pretty fidgety sleeper.  I kick and thrash about and sometimes my whole body jolts right when I’m about to fall asleep.  I’ve talked in my sleep most of my life and my roommates in college told me that I laugh in my sleep.  I occasionally wake up and catch myself in the middle of sleep talking, which is an odd feeling.  (Am I still dreaming?  Did I say that out loud?)  During my really bad bouts of (stress-induced?) eczema, I scratched my legs and arms in my sleep.  Sometimes I would scratch so hard that I woke myself up.

Recently, I started whimpering and moaning in my sleep.  Is this hereditary?  It’s likely that my mom has had catathrenia, or night groaning (seriously), since she was a kid but there isn’t a lot of information about how or why this disorder occurs.  She actually went to a sleep study a few years ago, but of course, on the night of her test, she didn’t groan in her sleep.  Night groaning is not snoring and it’s unrelated to breathing problems or dreams.  I don’t think my night groaning is as loud or lasts as long as my mom’s, but I’ve never had someone record it!

I have to wait a while to get my results, but I’m excited to see what they find out about my sleeping habits.

Good night!!  (and hopefully no one is watching you sleep…)

Hooked up and ready to go!

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